Setup UX Lead 2016 - 2017 | CX Lead 2018 - 2019

AT&T TV is the newest 4K streaming TV hardware and software service featuring an integrated voice remote control. Now available in 10 US cities, it is powered by Google’s Android TV platform enabling access to your favorite apps and the best content from a single hub of the home, a la carte or bundled.

In my UX role, I led and managed the design architecture for the setup and install experiences to revolutionize the sign up, install, and self-resolve customer journeys for AT&T Entertainment Group (DIRECTV). By designing reconfigurable modules that can also be accessed via settings, AT&T TV is the first self-install live TV platform available to customers in retail stores and online without requiring a professional at home installation. This vastly reduces subscriber acquisition costs while also lowering friction in the signup customer experience paving the way for a low-cost premium live TV service.

In my CX role, I led a small team managing the alpha and beta controlled introductions, scaling up the install base from non-functional engineering sample hardware to over 15,000 customer installed units working closely with partners from design, product, supply chain and external vendors. I managed customer experience feedback in User Voice, defect tracking in JIRA, and agile design and development iterations across the hardware, software, and infrastructure scrum teams including a replacement remote control design.

Setup walkthrough
New remote introduced through beta