Get DirecTV Connected

Lead UX | 2015

I led the UX strategy & design for the core enterprise goal to improve Internet connections for 18M+ Genie Set Top Boxes. Through a series of enhancements to the technology, interaction improvements and connection flows, these designs resulted in exceeding corporate goals in 2015/6.

Because of the success of the project, follow-on improvements will be launching for 2016/7 to set the stage for the future growth of the AT&T Entertainment Group and the next generation of television & entertainment.

Connection illustrations for 30+ configs

Summary process flow for any platform/model and connection configuration

Project Planning & Discovery

Since DIRECTV can be connected in multiple ways, different user flows were needed to support all variations of customers' equipment and installer decisions made by the Technician.

The initial phase of the project was generally comprised of two parts:
1) promotional entry points to highlight the Internet benefits,
2) reconnecting dropped connections.

The previous design did not encourage customers to connect

Interaction Design

Using global UX/UI standards & patterns established for the platform, I designed & annotated each screen in the setup process, coordinated with visual and production teams for art assets, and copywriting for voice & tone.

Marketing Collaboration

Through collaboration from my predecessor with the marketing & sales teams, I inherited requirements about where, when & how to message customers to connect to the Internet.

Goals Exceeded for Initial Phase

The project rolled out nationally from Oct - Dec, 2015. At the end of this phase of the project, fewer customers experienced a wall of text and were guided through the setup process successfully.

Millions of customers were able to get & stay connected exceeding KPIs for the project and paving the way for future updates.

National Get Connected Commercial