Northrop Grumman

Systems Engineer 3, DoD Clearance: SECRET | 2007 - 2010


As a Systems Engineer at Northrop Grumman Mission & Defense Systems, I was able to help modernize the Joint Mission Planning Software used by crew members of the US Air Force's largest and most versatile bomber. The special considerations for the uniquely qualified crew members helped me develop a deep user-centric, iterative design process.

USAF B-1 Crew

The crew of the B-1 is uniquely trained to operate in an environment unlike any other. Deeply understanding the environment, training, and user mental model was critical to developing effective software to exceed their expectations on the ground and in the air.

Designing for the B-1 Displays

Standards based design is a foundational principle when developing software for specialized military systems. With many involved vendors upgrading displays and capabilities of the hardware, it was essential to design integrated solutions with the latest software technologies.

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