UX Redesign — DVR Playlist

UX Lead 2015 - 2016 | CX Lead 2018

The Genie Set Top Box is DIRECTV’s flagship entertainment experience for accessing the newest live and exclusive On Demand content in up to 7 rooms. The DVR Modernization effort was aimed at improving the usability and customer satisfaction with the most used experience for On Demand viewing: local Recordings, or as Hulu and Netflix would call it, ‘Offline Mode’.

New functionality

Building on existing patterns, I led the design and prototyping through multiple rounds of customer research to uncover and resolve pain points, simplify existing and innovate new options, and improve discoverability of top requested features that were already present.

Old functionality

In my role as CX lead, I managed the controlled introduction to the existing satellite user-base and address employee and customer feedback from a population of nearly 2M updated households. Several design iterations were needed to improve accessibility and address large scale feedback unique to customer environments.

Redesign Highlight Reel