Systems Engineer 1, DoD Clearance: SECRET | 2006 - 2007


The ATFLIR, Advanced Targeting Forward Looking Infrared Radar, gave the US Navy a strategic advantage for high precision targeting on the F/A-18. However, the high impact of landing on US Navy carriers were disrupting the precision alignments needed to operate the targeting sensors forcing the Navy to send the units back for repair.

Instead of disassembling every unit to recycle parts into a new build, this project aimed to redesign the process to disassemble & repair them. We also trained the USN personnel to rebuild units in the field.

EOSU Team Lead

As the Electro-Optical Sensor Unit Team Lead, I led a small team to redesign the process and develop a set of technical manual and training procedures for 3600+ parts in several dozen sub-assembly units.

We built a total of 18 integrated repair manuals referencing the testing modules developed separately for successful tear-down, repair, and rebuild.

ATFLIR components

Raytheon's System Overview

This ATFLIR highlights video showcases some of the key capabilities of the system, components and capabilities. More information can be found at Raytheon's ATFLIR homepage: http://www.raytheon.com/capabilities/products/atflir/